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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Move lions? Sure, I can do that!

In a previous post I mentioned that my buddy Loc wanted some help moving 2 concrete lions that he had located on KSL's classifieds. He's a buddy so of course I told him I could help. I rented a 6X12 open trailer from U-Haul and bought 2 heavy duty tie down straps and caught up with Loc and his son, Tom yesterday morning.

The lions turned out to be 20 years old and almost a family heirloom for the guy selling them. He said his kids and grandkids had climbed on them ever since he set them down. I think he was sad to see them leave.

The job turned out to be pretty tricky, first getting the wide trailer backed through the seller's narrow gate and up into his carport. Then we had to sling the lions and move them from behind the carport into the carport, passed the steps and then into the trailer. It took some re-strapping and manuevering of the crane to get the lions into the trailer over the axles but we eventually got'er done and headed out.

We had a nice lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant and made the trip to loc's house and backed into his driveway without incident. I didn't feel too bad about leaving the lions in the trailer over lunch as I didn't figure anybody was going to steal them!

Unloading the beasts was much the same as getting them into the trailer but we did discover that we were going to have to put the crane on the porch to get the lions situated. That made everything pretty close but the 3 of us wrangled them into place before Loc's spousal unit made it home from work.

Lions prepared for transport
Turning a corner with a concrete lion.
Lions in place!
concrete lion

So that was a pretty cool way to spend a Saturday!
UPDATE: The slideshow seemed to be busted so I have replaced it with clickable thumbnails. Click the little pictures to see the full size.

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